Test Saddles

Sad Bull

Are you a Snake or a Bull?


Available at both studios, we are now able to offer a wide range of test saddles from both Fizik and Prologo. You can book at consultation to get fitted for a saddle, or take one away for a few days to test out and see if it is right for you.

Fizik base their saddle choice on the flexibility of the rider, with the most flexible labelled a ‘snake’ and the least flexible getting the enviable title of ‘bull’ (well I suppose you’ve never seen a bull touch his toes have you?). The idea behind this is that the more flexible rider is able to roll their hips forward (utilising better hip and hamstring flexibility) and would then suit a flatter, narrower saddle. The less flexible rider has a saddle designed with more support, that kicks up a bit at the back – such as the ‘Aliante’.

Prologo also use a similar system to give riders and idea of which saddle they would be best suited to. They feel that measuring sit-bone width will give the rider their ideal width saddle, and that by looking at how flexibile a rider is (the test they use is a simple forward bend and measuring back angle) they can then get an idea of which saddle would tick the most boxes.

Personally I think both these ‘systems’ give you somewhere to start in the search for the perfect saddle, but there is no way to know whether or not your chosen perch is the right one until you have sat on it for a few hours on a couple of rides!

That is why we have a test saddle facility – you can either come in for a saddle fitting session where we will try a few saddles on your bike, see which one feels best and then you can take that away to trial OR you can simply request to loan a certain saddle and use it for however long you need to.


We charge £10 per week for the saddle loan, and £30 for a one hour ‘saddle fit’ session.


The saddles we stock are ;


Prologo Nago Evo

Prologo Nago Evo PAS (Cutout)

Prologo Zero ii

Prologo Zero ii PAS (Cutout)

Prologo Scratch Pro

Prologo Nago Evo X10

Fizik Arione

Fizik Arione Versus

Fizik Aliante

Fizik Aliante Versus

Fizik Antares

Fizik Antares Versus

Fizik Tundra


If you would like to book a consultation please use the form below;


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