Pre Purchase Consultation



A new bike purchase is a big investment, and its important to get the right size. Eliminate the guesswork and come in for a pre fit consultation with a bike fitting specialist!


Through a combination of body measurements, rider profiling and where possible some evaluation of you on your current bike, we are able to help you make an informed decision on which bike / frame / manufacturer would suit you best.


The best way for us to advise you on the correct size / type of bike to purchase, is to see you riding your current machine. A size 54cm for example that fits one person may not fit the next, even though you are both the same height. A lot comes down to flexibility, functionality, and riding style.

The model of shoe (sole thickness), pedal (height) and type of saddle are also taken into account as this has a big effect on bike position.


To book a consulation, please use the CONTACT FORM BELOW or give us a call/email using our contact details


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