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Open Since March 2013, we have now located ourselves within the Run And Ride bike shop. This studio has all the same facilities as Shenstone (although perhaps a little more space!), and due to the close proximity to Cannock Chase we can now also specialize in fittings for Off-road Riding - MTB and CX. This studio also has a 'Pre Purchase' facility - this allows us to measure you up for any potential bike purchase, and also If the bike is available, you can have a ride on it on the turbo trainer while our bike fit technician takes a look at your position to see if the bike is suitable.

Here we also have access to the Run and Ride workshop, as well as our own bike fitting facilities. If you would like to come and have a look round please give us a call and you would be most welcome, our contact details are below. You can book a session at this studio by contacting us through the normal channels (email, phone etc) or by going in to see Matt or Dave at their Hednesford or Lichfield Stores. - details below;

Midland Bike Fit

(Within Run and Ride) Unit 4 Chase View

Walkers Rise, Hednesford Staffordshire WS12 0QU

Phone: 07775334493 or 01543 877745

Email: Enquiries@midlandbikefit.comor info@runandride.com

My name is Dan Cox and I'm the owner here at Midland Bike Fit. I have been cycling for the last 10 years, and racing bikes for the last 5. Currently I am a Cat 2 road rider and looking to improve on this if I get the time, and an enthusiastic Cyclocrosser (although enthusiasm is about as far as it goes...). I love riding bikes as much as I do fitting people on them!!

I started Midland Bike Fit in 2013 after having a few bike fittings myself over the years and never feeling like my problems on the bike had been resolved. I have always been interested in how bike position effects performance, however after struggling with a few niggling injuries I began to realise just how important it is to have your bike properly set up. Eventually (after much trial and error...and money...) despite being 'fitted' by several 'systems' I found a position on the bike that works for me, suits my goals and my physiology, and is comfortable! This is one of the reasons I headed down the route of bike fitting, and set up MBF - I believe that every client I see has deserves to feel comfortable on the bike and should leave the studio feeling confident that they have a position that works for them, not just a bike fit that ticks the boxes.





Midland Bike Fit are proud to be part of SICI. Serotta International Cycling Institute is a member-based organization with the primary goal of providing educational services, tools and consulting to the bicycle retail, performance enhancement and medical community.

SICI offers classes, bicycle fitting equipment and consulting to bicycling retailers, coaches and clinicians. In addition, SICI hosts Cycling Science Symposia to gather the worlds best scientific, medical and retail minds to share learning’s across a wide platform of experience and backgrounds. These Cycling Science events are a must-attend event for retailers, manufacturers, scientists, coaches, clinicians and cycling enthusiasts.

At SICI, the belief is that every cyclist, regardless of their ability, is entitled to ride a bike that fits their body and addresses their current and future goals.

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